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MQA/PA 14683


This programme is designed to provide candidates with a comprehensive understanding of the theoretical and applied aspects of retail management, with emphasis on the key perspectives that shape the retail marketplace, including environmental influences, retail relationships, and retail operations.

The retail industry needs a skilled and competent workforce to promote its growth. Throughout the programme, students will not only learn about theoretical knowledge but also gain real-world experience in the industry itself.

This programme offers the quickest time to complete a diploma course, with students completing their studies in two years and six months. Students will not only gain theoretical information, but they will also participate in an 18-month work-based learning programme with renowned companies! This diploma programme is also the first in Malaysia that offers this. Therefore, students will be taught by experts in the field along the way.

Upon graduation, students will receive a credential as well as an unparalleled on-the-job training experience. The best part is that students are promised jobs after graduation, giving them a better chance to work for well-known companies in Malaysia.



MQA/PA 14683

Core Subjects


Data Analytics

(Microsoft Power BI &
Google Data Studio)

Supply Chain Management

Retail Logistics

Digital Marketing

Sharing Sessions With
Corporate Leaders

Future Careers

When you’ve successfully completed this programme, you could embark on any
exciting retailing careers, and succeed as a :

District Sales Manager

Merchandise Manager

Food Department Manager

Product Department Manager

Assistant Store Manager

Customer Service Manager

Sales Manager

Store Manager

Warehouse Manager



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